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Super Premium Kits By Dermestid BeetleWorks™ Ship EXPRESS

10,000+Dermestid Beetle Colony  675.00


8,000+ Dermestid Beetle Colony  575.00

6,000+ Dermestid Beetle Colony 425.00

Premium Colonies By Dermestid BeetleWorks™ Ship PRIORITY


4,000+ Dermestid Beetle Colony 295.00


3,000+ Dermestid Beetle Colony 205.00

 1500+ Dermestid Beetle Colony  109.95


800+ Dermestid Beetle Colony 59.95





600+ Dermestid Beetle Colony 49.95


Dermestid Beetle Colony Wood Shaving Bedding 4 Qts  9.95

Insect Safe Water Gel (Prevents Drowning) 8 Oz 12.95


Super Slick Insect Barrier (Prevents Escape & Invaders) 2.5 Oz  6.95



Dermestid beetles are sometimes used as cleaner crews for some people who buy live feeder insects for their reptiles and amphibians.  Often times we get requests from these customers who would like to buy a smaller amount of flesh eating taxidermy beetles for use as cleaner crews in their tanks or vivarium enclosures.  Sometimes a lesser amount of beetles is needed for a school project or assignment.  If you desire to buy cleaner crews or other amounts of live feeder insects, learn how to gutload roaches, crickets & feeder insects or even buy different quantities of dermestid beetles checkout insects by ready reptile feeders who can sell quantities that are smaller and more economical for those who desire smaller numbers for the aforementioned uses.  If you are using feeder insects to feed to your pets you will want to know the best way how to gut load insects prior to feeding them to pets.




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