How To Buy Dermestid Beetles Colony

Buy Dermestid Beetle Colonies 

Buy Dermestid Beetle Colony
dermestid beetles work to clean skulls

How To Buy Dermestid Beetles Colony That Work To Clean Skulls  

Buy Dermestid Beetles To Clean Skulls


How To Buy Dermestid Beetle Colonies.  They Work Best for large Skull Cleaning projects when they are prepared by feeding for 30-60 days or giving smaller projects.   They Simply Work Better By building up to large skull cleaning projects.  This will prepare the colony to Work most effectively for you.  Enough Dermestids should be purchased to build up to Work to do the job intended.


For instance 


To Clean a Rabbit Skull With Dermestid Beetles  requires 4,000 Beetles to effectively clean it. 

Cleaning a Fox or Beaver Skull  will take 8-9,000 Beetles to clean it

Cleaning a Deer Skull  will need 25-30,000 Beetles 

Cleaning a Bear Skull  will need 45-55,000 Beetles 

When considering How to Buy Dermestid Beetles, It is imperative the right amount of Dermestid Beetles be Purchased.  Meat that is not consumed before rotting or molding may kill your Colony.  Remove the eyes, brains and skin and as much meat as possible with a knife before giving to beetles. 


First time customers Please Note, 

Adult Dermestid Beetles Work at producing babies and concentrate on little else besides breeding and laying eggs.  Realize that Dermestid Larvae Work to consume the most flesh/meat from a carcass.


Buy Dermestid Beetles To Clean Skulls

It is perfectly normal, due to the life cycle of Dermestid Beetles to have as many as 25-50 times as many Dermestid Larvae than adult Dermestid Beetles.  
Our Dermestid beetles are fed on a diet that consists of slightly dried to dried meat of many varieties (Think slightly freezer burned rather than jerky)  


Our Dermestid Beetles are Raised on Flesh.  Due to sanitary & shipping reasons our Dermestid Beetles are fed a dry diet consisting of high protein like cow ears ( Powdery substance in frass.) for a week or two before being shipped to you.  The juvenile larvae will consume this material for several weeks and during shipment.  
It may take up to 30 days of feeding slightly dry meat to get them used to meat again.  This is called Getting the Dermestid Colony “Hot” 

Buy Dermestid Beetles To Clean Skulls

When first starting your colony feed (Only) the amount of meat that can be consumed in 24 hours and slowly increase this over the course of 30-60 days before giving larger amounts or a carcass to Work with.  In the interim when not feeding flesh the beetles may go on a maintenance diet consisting of some flesh interspersed with feeding dry dog food or beef ears.