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Second order with Beetles By Dermestid Beetleworks placed & received. Lots & Lots & Lots of Beetles I was in a bind and needed beetles fast to replace a young voracious colony that perished due to an electrical outage. I communicated by email and Anthony said he would rush me out beetles since it was an emergency. I had them 3 days later. Thank you so much a Godsend!!!.

My Desire was for a midsize colony. My Need was for one that will Grow Quickly to be Big Enough to clean Fox Skulls within a few weeks. A Premium Kit (3000) was the Chosen quantity. Well Worth it. ! ordered sunday, colony was shipped 1 Day Express. I receive nearly Twice the amount I got when I thought I had ordered the same size from an ebay seller. Dermestids By BeetleWorks had Fast Responsive Customer Service when I had questions on Increasing Size Quickly. I will Share this seller with all my clients who may need beetles to Work with invertebrates & vertebrates FIVE STARS!!!!!

Buy Dermestid Colony By Dermestid BeetleWorks

A Colony of Dermestid Beetles Work To Clean Skulls by eating the flesh to Clean Skulls for Taxidermy purposes.  Most Customers Choose to Save Time and effort & also Save Money  By Starting their own Dermestid Beetle Colony From Our Healthy Stock of Beetles.  Our Beetles are Ready to Work as we have cultivated them over many generations so you can achieve what you desire in cleaning skulls.

Dermestid BeetleWorks Is the Trusted Source for Taxidermists, Research Labs, Universities, Hunters and Enthusiasts.

Therefore you will find All Sizes You Will Need to Work For You

Buy Dermestid Colony To Clean Skulls

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