Dermestid Beetle Colony Supplies

Dermestid Beetle Colony Supplies.

Keeping A Beetle Colony is Pretty Straightforward.  For The Most Part, The Colony Lives and Works at Eating Flesh.  Beetle Larvae Do Most of The Eating.  Adult Beetles Mostly Eat and Mate.  Mating is Increased With Proper Supplies.  Dermestid Beetle Colony Supplies Are Available Here.

Your Beetle Colonies Need Bedding.  The Adults Spend Most Time Mating In The Bedding.  Flesh and Mating In A Good Bedding Means More Eggs.

Your Beetles Need a Way to Get Water Without Drowning.  Furthermore The Bedding Should Stay Dry to Prevent Mites.

Beetles Stop Climbing and Escaping With A Slick Insect Barrier.  In Addition, Insect Barrier Also Keeps Pests Such as Spiders or Ants From Getting Inside Your Colony.  Beetles Reproduce Better When There Are No Invasive Insects

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