Premium Dermestid Beetle & Larvae Colonies By Dermestid BeetleWorks™

Premium Dermestid Beetle Colonies By Dermestid BeetleWorks™ Ship PRIORITY

Dermestid BeetleWorks Offers Premium Dermestid Beetle Colonies For Large Skull Cleaning Projects.  Most Customers Want Beetle Colonies In The Sizes They Need To Work.  Our Colony Sizes Range From 1500-6000+  Customers Often Buy More Colonies For Better Skull Cleaning.

We Ship All Premium  Beetle Colonies With Clean Aspen Wood Shaving Bedding.  The Beetles Lay More Eggs In The Bedding.  Customers Can Buy More Bedding And Other Supplies Whenever Needed.

In Addition All Premium Colonies Include Water Crystal Gel To Water The Beetle Colony.  Water Gel Crystals Are The Safe Way To Water Your Colony Without The Risk Of Drowning.  A Small Dish To Contain The Water Crystal Is Also Included.  Customers Can Buy More Water Crystal Gel At Any Time.

Our Staff Counts and Weighs All Colonies.  Once Our Staff Has Counted The Colony, The Numbers Are Verified By Doing a 24 Hour Flesh Consumption Test.  Our Method Of Removing The Beetles From Their Bedding and Verifying Numbers Is Much More Accurate.  After Verifying The Numbers We Will Ad Several Scoops Of Frass Which Will Include More Eggs And Tiny Larvae Not Included In The Count

Next Our Staff Waters The Colony.  We Then Ship Colonies With Enough Food For The Trip To Your Door.

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