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Buy Dermestid Beetle Colony 1500+

Premium Kits By Dermestid BeetleWorks™ Ship PRIORITY

Buy Dermestid Beetle Colony 1500  Premium Dermestid Beetle & Larvae Colonies From Dermestid BeetleWorks.  For Large Projects Like Cleaning a Deer Skull.  For Larger Projects or Needs Multiple Colonies May Be Purchased For Adequate Numbers.

When You Buy Dermestid Beetles Enough Dermestids should be ordered or allowed to build up to Work to do the job intended. 

For Instance

To Clean a Small Skull with Dermestid Beetles Requires  2500 Beetles & Larvae to clean it.   

Cleaning a Beaver Skull will take 6-7,000 Beetles & Larvae to clean it. 

To Clean an average Deer Skull will need 12-15,000 Beetles & Larvae to clean it. 

Cleaning a Large Skull such as Bear will need 25-35,000 Beetles & Larvae to clean it.


It is necessary to Buy the correct number of Dermestid Beetles & Larvae to Work effectively or to allow your colony to multiply before tackling a projects as uneaten flesh may rot and cause damage to your colony.

All Premium Dermestid Beetle Colonies Are Shipping With Safe Clean Aspen Wood Shaving Bedding.  Each Colony of 1500+ Beetles Will Come With About Two Quarts Of Bedding   The Beetles Will Lay More Eggs In This Type Of Bedding.  Additional Bedding may Be Needed and Is Available For Purchase.

We Also Include in All Premium Colonies Water Crystal Gel For Watering The Dermestid Colony.  Watering With Gel Prevents The Risk Of Drowning.  We also Include A Small Dish To Contain The Water Crystal.  Buy Additional Water Crystal Gel Here.

We Count All Colonies and Verify By Doing a 24 Hour Consumption Test.  The Process OF Separating The Beetles From Their Bedding and Verifying Numbers Is Much More Accurate.

Most Orders Are Shipping Within One Week Of Ordering. We feed and Water The Colony. We Ship Colonies With Enough Food For The Trip To Your Doorstep.


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