Buy Beetles For Dermestid Beetles Colony. They Work To Clean Skulls

Taxidermy Beetles By Dermestid BeetleWorks™

First of All, Dermestid Beetles Work To Clean Skulls For Mounts.

We Ship to Continental U.S. & Alaska 

Dermestid Beetles Work

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Dermestid Beetle Colony Care & Instructionsbuy dermestid beetlesAll You Need To Have A Beetles Colony Work To Clean Skulls.

Dermestid Beetles To Go To Work For You

All Super Premium Colonies Are Upgraded To Ship FREE EXPRESS.   We Check Your Weather & Hot or Cold Packs & Insulation Are Also Included For FREE

        Your Dermestid Beetles Colony Will Include 

  • Generous Overcount of Beetles & Larvae
  • Additional Frass With Numerous Tiny Larvae & Eggs Included After Count
  • Bedding (Beetles Lay More Eggs In Proper Bedding)
  • Packed with Food For Trip To Your Door
  • Safe Water Gel To Water Beetles (To Prevent Drowning & Wet Bedding)
  • Water Gel Dish To Offer The Beetle Colony


Buy Dermestid Beetles.  A Colony of Dermestid Beetles Work

To Clean Skulls. Buy Beetles.  These Flesh Eating Beetles Called Dermestid Maculatus, Clean Skulls for Taxidermy Purposes.  Most Customers Choose to Save Time and Effort While Also Saving Money.  By Beetles and Start Your Own Dermestid Beetle Colony From Our Healthy Stock of Beetles You Accomplish This.  Furthermore Our Beetles are Ready to Work.  We have Cultivated them over many generations so you can achieve what you Desire in Working to clean skulls. 

Dermestid BeetleWorks Is the Trusted Source for Taxidermists, Research Labs, Universities, Hunters and Enthusiasts Like You.

Therefore you will find All Sizes You Will Need to Work For You.

Dermestid Beetles Work

By Eating Flesh, Therefore your Dermestid Colony should be prepared for large skull cleaning projects By Working up to Larger Feedings for 30-45 days or giving several smaller projects.

Our Beetles Work Better By building up slowly to a large skull cleaning project.  Working this way will prepare the colony By helping them learn to Work most effectively for you.

Certainly enough Dermestid Beetles should be ordered or allowed to build up to Work to do the job intended. 

For Instance

Cleaning a Small Skull with Dermestid Beetles requires 2500 Beetles to clean it.   

To Clean a Beaver Skull Use 6-7,000 Beetles. 

Cleaning an average Deer Skull Use 12-15,000 Beetles to clean it. 

Consequently For Cleaning a Large Skull Like A Bear, Use 25-35,000 Beetles. 

Lastly, Know That Working With A Dermestid Beetle Colony Requires Buying the Correct Number of Dermestid Beetles.  Furthermore, The Correct Number of Dermestid Beetles will allow them to Work Most Effectively.  Because of This, it allows your colony to multiply before tackling a project.  Uneaten flesh may rot and cause damage to your colony.  


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