Insect Safe Water Gel (Prevents Drowning) 8 Oz

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 Water Gel (Prevents Drowning) 8 Oz For Dermestid Beetle Care


Insect Safe Water Gel Crystals For Insects

8 Oz Crystals Make 8 Gallons Insect Gel


Water Gel Crystal are water polymer crystals for Watering your Dermestid Beetle Colony.  Water Gel is also called cricket water crystals or reptile water crystals.  They prevent the Beetles from Drowning.  Water Gel also prevents the Dermestid Beetles Bedding from becoming overly wet.

Overly wet bedding material no matter how absorbent can result in mites.  These Special water absorbent crystals are the main ingredient in expensive commercial products like insect and cricket Watering Gel type products.  These water absorbing crystals are a perfect supplement of water for your Dermestid Beetle Colony.



Water Crystals are a clean, healthy way to quench the thirst of Insects.  How to make water crystals for dermestid beetles, how to make water crystals for roaches, crickets and other feeder insects.

Water Crystals will keep your insects from drowning, keep their habitat clean, and last longer than just water. Water is actually stored inside the hydrated granule, forcing your insects to suck it out when thirsty.

You won’t have to water as often, and you’ll replace the wick method and or sponge method.

Sponges and damp paper towels promote bacteria growth. This bacteria is eaten by the insects.

Crystal Gel water is safe and dissolves into carbon dioxide and water.


Directions: Mix 1 oz Water crystals (1.5 Tbsp or 3 tsp) with 1 gallon room temp water (distilled is best). Warm tap water can be used but it will not absorb as well. Let stand for an hour or two. Drain any excess water and store extra in a sealed container.

The 1 oz give or take a few grams will make approx 1 gallon of crystallized Water. (Amount of crystals may vary depending on the hardness of water with softer water being better )

Note: You can re-hydrate dried out crystals by adding water to them again.