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Buy Dermestid Beetle Starter Colony -Dermestid Beetle Colony

A Dermestid Beetles Colony Will Work

To Eat Flesh From Skulls and Bones For Taxidermy.  Dermestid Beetles and Larvae Spend All Day & Night Eating Flesh Wherever and Whenever it is Made Available. Buy Dermestid Beetles Colony Here To Work at Cleaning Flesh from Skulls.

If You Are Looking, You Will Find Beetle Colonies That You Need In All Sizes and Numbers.  Therefore, Expect to Get The Best Dermestid Beetle Colony to Work For You!  Your Dermestid Beetle Culture Will Ship and Arrive At Your Door Within A week Of Ordering.

We Have Dermestid Beetles For Sale

To Many Customers Public and Private.  We Upgrade Shipping On Our Super Premium Colonies To EXPRESS.  All Other Colonies Are Shipped USPS Priority mail.  Currently Most Orders Are Shipping Within 1 Week Of Ordering.

Our  Beetles Are Working In Universities, Labs, and Museums, Our Name Speaks For Itself.   In addition to Supplying Beetles to Those in the Science Fields, We Also Supply Beetles to Taxidermists, Hunters and Those Who Enjoy Skull Mounts.  Therefore, Our Clients Include customers Like You!

Our Beetle Colonies Live In a Climate Controlled Environment.   We Perform Regular Quality Control Tests.  In Addition We Are Routinely Testing our Colonies Under a Microscope.  Therefore, We Are Able To Guarantee Our Stock To Be Free of Mites or Pests.  As a Result You Can Rest Assured That You Will Obtain The Highest Quality Stock Of  Beetles.

Above All, Know That Your Dermestid Beetle Larvae Starter Colony is Ready to Work For You!

If you want tips on buying a Dermestid Colony We have written some tips on How To Buy A Beetle Colony Here

The Care Of a Dermestid Beetle Starter Colony is Pretty Straightforward. We have a Dermestid Caresheet On Site That You Can View To Get Tips and Tricks For How To Grow Your Dermestid Beetle Starter Culture.  An Excerpt From Our Caresheet Follows.

Bedding: A few inches of substrate is used such as Wood shavings or Shredded Paper material, A Good Bedding Substrate For Dermestid  is our Wood Mulch material (Do not use Cedar) Use a few inches.  The beetles feel comfortable In the right wood shavings.  Our bedding is good for laying eggs in.
Egg cartons, foam pieces, and mattress stuffing material work good for pupating larvae and will help frass material build up and insulate the colony.


Cleaning With Dermestid Care Sheet

Dermestid Care: Required Temperature: The required temperature for Dermestid Flesh Eating Beetles Care is 72-80F they can live in temperatures that are cooler but will not multiply as rapidly. 
Use a heat mat.  Place the heat mat at a location that creates a gradient.  Leave one side cooler.  The Beetles will not overheat.   Beetles may be able to fly at or above 80 F though this will be easily contained.
Dermestid Care: Food Your Beetles will  be fed by you for 30-60 days before they are able to tackle projects like Cleaning Skulls or taxidermy projects.  Animal material should be given daily that can be consumed within 24 hours.
 Do not overfeed it is important to only feed what can be consumed in 24 hours and adjust as they multiply.  As this is done over time the colony will develop into a voracious eating colony  
In Off season Keep the Beetles Alive by feeding some dry kibble or cow ears.  Dermestid beetles will consume some moist meaty flesh also but prefer it a bit dry and jerky like.

IF You Are Looking For Cleaner Crews, We Can Help.  Cleaner Crews Are Working in many Dubia and Other Feeder Roach Bins.  Therefore, The Beetles Process Waste products and Frass. We Have Cleaner Crews For Roach Bins Here


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