Dermestid Barrier 2 Oz Flying Beetles (Stop Dermestid Escape)

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Dermestid Beetles Flying? Stop Beetle Escapes

Stop Flying/Escaping In Beetles Dermestid Colonies

Stop Beetle Escapes Super Slick Dermestid Beetle Barrier & Prevention For Invaders

2 Oz Beetles By Dermestid BeetleWorks


Stop Beetle Escapes Dermestid Beetle Barrier 

Works To Get Rid Of Dermestid Beetles Escaping


Dermestid Beetles Flying

2 Oz Container & Applicator Brush Included.  Dermestid Beetles Flying can occur at temperatures above 85 F.   This Product Works to Stop Dermestid Escapes from your Dermestid Beetle Colony Enclosures.  A Super Slick Insect Barrier for Dermestid Beetles For Sale From Beetles By Dermestid BeetleWorks.  Dermestid Beetles Flying? This product Works to Stop Dermestid Escapes up the sides of your enclosure.  It also Works to prevent intruder insects like mites, ants or spiders from crawling inside your Dermestid Bins. 

CUSTOMERS PLEASE NOTE If you are planning on using an old aquarium for Dermestid Beetles Care to house your Dermestid Beetle Colony, we suggest that you remove the silicone mold from the insides to further prevent escapes.


Super Slick Insect Barrier should be brushed or applied smoothly and thinly it should be of adequate wideness or depth to prevent agile roaches from reaching up and scaling over the layer.   For very agile Insects, a second layer of Barrier  will act as a second line of defense in case the first barrier is broken.  Theoretically The product will last infinitely, it may need to be reapplied if it becomes dirty or soiled as this can provide something for the insects to grip and climb.

 Some customers have noted using a thin layer and then a second layer that is slightly thicker, however we have found that thin layers may work best.  Others will use the product as a second and final barrier after using say Aluminum or teflon tape.  The Barrier applied correctly should be unscalable however in the environment with Frass and dusty food or materials can render some breeches, 

With the enclosed brush or any other applicator smear a thin layer of the Barrier all around perimeter of the container make additional applications on top or below the layer to get the right depth as needed a second layer if appropriate should reduce the escape or using a secondary method along with Super Slick Insect Barrier.

Super Slick Insect Barrier Product is Food Grade & Incidental contact will not harm your Dermestid Beetles Habitat or Beetles

To get your adult beetles to stop flying utilize temperatures below 89 degrees in your enclosure.

Feed for 30-60 days.  Give smaller projects. Dermestid Beetles work better like this.  Build up to a large skull cleaning project. This prepares the colony to Work most effectively for you.
Purchase The Right Amount off Beetles.  This ensures that you will get the right amount to build up to Work to do the job intended.
For instance 
To Clean a Rabbit Skull with Dermestid Beetles requires 4000 Beetles to effectively clean it. 
Cleaning a Fox or Beaver Skull will take 8-9,000 Beetles to clean it. 
To Clean a Deer Skull will need 25-30,000 Beetles 
Cleaning a Bear Skull will need 45-55,000 Beetles 
Customers Can Buy The Proper Amount of Beetles By Using The Guide Above.  Most Importantly Purchase The Right amount of Dermestid Beetles.
Leaving Too much meat Kills Beetles Dermestid & Colonies. Meat Should Be Fresh From The Freezer To Kill Any Pest Eggs. Rotting or molding may kill your Colony.  Remove the eyes, brains and skin and as much meat as possible with a knife before giving to beetles. Purchase The Right amount of beetles. 

First time customers Please Note 

Adult Dermestid Beetles Work at producing babies and concentrate on little else besides breeding and laying eggs.  The experienced hunter and taxidermist realizes that the Dermestid Beetle Colony Larvae Work consuming the most flesh/meat from a carcass.  

Due to the Lifecycles of Dermestid Beetles you will have as many as 25-50 times as many Dermestid Larvae at any time than adult Dermestid Beetles.  This is perfectly normal.  Our beetles are fed on a diet that consists of slightly dried to dried meat (Think slightly freezer burned rather than jerky)

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How Many Dermestid Beetles To Clean A Skull?

Prepare Dermestid Beetles for large Skull Cleaning projects.