Dermestid Beetle Barrier 2 Oz (Stop Escapes)

$6.00 $4.00

Super Slick Insect Barrier (Prevents Escape & Invaders) 2 Oz Beetles By Dermestid BeetleWorks


Dermestid Beetle Barrier 

Stop Dermestid Escapes.  2 Oz Container & Applicator Brush Included.  This Product Works to Stop Dermestid Escapes from your Dermestid Beetle Colony Enclosures.  A Super Slick Insect Barrier from Beetles By Dermestid BeetleWorks.  This product Works to Stop Dermestid Escapes up the sides of your enclosure.  It also Works to prevent intruder insects like mites, ants or spiders from crawling inside your Dermestid Bins.


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