Buy Dermestid Beetle Colony Bedding Wood Shaving 8 Qts

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Wood Shaving Dermestid Beetle Colony Bedding

Wood Shaving 8 Qts Beetles By Dermestid BeetleWorks



Dermestid Beetle Colony Wood Shaving Bedding

8 Qts Wood Bedding Beetles By Dermestid BeetleWorks

Bedding is used in the Care of Dermestid Beetles Colony to keep the Dermestid Beetles comfortable and Dermestid Beetles Will lay More eggs in this type of bedding.  Also Works For Reptiles and For Quail or Chick Bedding. .A few inches of substrate is used such as Wood shavings or Shredded Paper material, A Good Bedding Substrate For Dermestid Beetles is our Wood Mulch material (Do not use Cedar) Use a few inches. The beetles feel comfortable In the right shavings. Our bedding is good for laying eggs in.






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